Disability Abuse Response Team

Project Dates: 10/1/2009 - 9/30/2014

The DART Project is demonstrating a model for providing comprehensive victim services to people with disabilities in the Portland Tri-County area who are victims of crime. Our overall goal is to increase the access of victims with disabilities to personal safety, and a broad range of services and support in working through the criminal justice system and in addressing related issues (e.g., housing, medical care).

DART advocates with disabilities provide direct services to victims with disabilities at various sites. Services include in-person and e-peer counseling and support, information, referral and advocacy within social service and benefit systems, victim support groups, safety awareness and crime awareness classes, and workshops on managing caregiver relationships and preventing/dealing with abuse from caregivers. Volunteers conduct outreach to people with disabilities who may be or who may become victims of crime. DART is conducted in partnership with police departments, district attorneys' offices, domestic violence programs and other nonprofit partners providing education, services and benefits.

DART Project 2007-2009