Yellowhawk Tribal Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Grant

These grants are funded by Administration for Children and Families.  Funds are provided to Tribes (or consortia of Indian Tribes), Tribal Organizations, or Urban Indian Organizations to do the following:

  • Conduct needs and readiness assessments;
  • Develop infrastructure needed for the widespread planning, adopting, implementing, and sustaining of evidence-based maternal, infant, and early childhood home visiting programs;
  • Implement with fidelity to evidence-based models high-quality home visiting programs for pregnant women and families with young children aged birth to kindergarten entry; 
  • Measure program participants' progress toward meeting legislatively mandated benchmarks;
  • And conduct a rigorous evaluation of the implemented home visiting program.

The grant addresses critical maternal and child health, development, early learning, family support, and child abuse and neglect prevention needs and promotes linkages among various relevant programs, resulting in coordinated, comprehensive early childhood systems.