Evaluation of Family Intervention Team

Project Dates: 10/1/2007 - 12/31/2012

FIT (Family Intervention Team) is a collaboration of eleven state, county, and non-profit partners that work together to serve children of parents who are substance abusers, with emphasis on methamphetamine. The goal of the program is to provide highly-coordinated court and treatment efforts to reach timely permanency placements for children of substance abusers. Services are currently available for parents who accept services within 30 days of the first Family Court shelter hearing.

FIT partners with Portland State University’s Regional Research Institute and Child Welfare Partnership to complete a comprehensive evaluation, and to disseminate findings to the field.

The purpose of the evaluation is to provide quality assurance and feedback for FIT Leadership as the project unfolds, and to document the impact of this intervention in terms of child, family, and systems outcomes.