STAR Project: Studey To Analyze Relationships

The goal of the STAR Project is to investigate how individual participant characteristics, relationship processes, and program practices influence the development and duration of youth mentoring relationships. The findings will provide information helping programs to implement practices that support strong, long-lasting mentoring relationships.


The STAR project is a multi-method longitudinal study tracking the course of new mentoring relationships. Baseline assessments of program participants will be used to identify factors that predict the length of mentoring relationships. When matches end, data will be collected from participants regarding their mentoring relationships and their experiences in the program. A subsample of participants in matches of different lengths will be selected for in-depth qualitative interviews exploring the nature of their relationships.


The STAR Project is funded by a Mentoring Best Practices Research grant from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention to researchers at Portland State University and Boston University. The STAR Project is conducted in collaboration with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and selected local agencies within the Big Brothers Big Sisters Network.


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