My Career Vision (Pathways RTC)

    Jo-Ann Sowers -- Principal Investigator

    Adrienne Scavera -- Graduate Research Assistant


    As part of the Pathways Research and Training Center, this project is focused on the career planning and development of young adults between the ages of 20 and 25 years who experience serious mental health issues. The Self-Determination Career Development Model, developed by Dr. Michael Wehmeyer and colleagues, is being adapted to address the unique issues of these young adults. Young adult advisors and others inform and guide the model adaptations. In order to experimentally evaluate the impact of the intervention, young adults from the Greater Portland Area who are interested in participating in the research are randomly selected to receive the intervention. Young adults who receive the intervention learn and apply skills in order to define their own career goal, identify steps to achieve this goal, and take action to complete these steps.  See project page for more details.