Mediators of Stigmatization toward Youth with Severe Depression and ADHD (Pathways RTC)

As part of the Pathways Research and Training Center, this study uses a large national data set to test a series of hypotheses regarding potential mediators of the stigmatization encountered by youth who experience severe depression or ADHD.  The growing knowledge base about the nature of stigmatizing attitudes and beliefs toward adults with mental illnesses has contributed to the development of new strategies for reducing stigmatization. The relative lack of knowledge about stigmatization toward youth has hindered parallel efforts for young people. Studies among adults have suggested several important mediators of stigmatization and prejudice toward people with severe mental health conditions. These include knowledge about the condition, beliefs about the causes and treatability of the condition, beliefs about the dangerousness of a person with the condition, and social contact with people who have the condition.  See project page for more details.