EASA Center for Excellence

    July 2013 marked the founding of the Early Assessment and Support Alliance (EASA) Center for Excellence at Portland State University's Regional Research Institute.  EASA, a program unique to Oregon, aims to provide strengths-focused, evidence-based support to teens and young adults experiencing the early signs of psychosis.  The goal is to prevent the long-term disability associated with schizophrenia and related conditions.  More information about EASA can be found at http://www.easacommunity.org.

    The EASA Center for Excellence provides training, consultation, and implementation support for the EASA programs in Oregon, and for other agencies or organizations interested in using elements of the EASA program model. The Center for Excellence will also work with EASA programs and other partners to carry out research and build new knowledge about how best to promote positive outcomes for young people experiencing psychosis.