Cascadia: Oregon Partnership for Health Integration

The Oregon Partnership for Health Integration (OPHI) is a joint project of Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare and Outside In. Adults with high behavioral health needs (Quadrants II & IV) and no primary care are eligible to enroll. OPHI provides primary health care through the Outside In medical van integrated with mental health and wellness services from Cascadia. Care is coordinated through a mental health nurse, and the wellness services are provided by a team of peer wellness coaches. Project goals include reducing the prevalence of chronic physical and behavioral health challenges of participants, especially people who are homeless and/or experience co-occurring addiction and mental health challenges.Target enrollment over the 4 year period is 600 people.
RRI is conducting an evaluation of OPHI outcomes and processes. Key outcomes being tracked include: Program satisfaction and overall sense of wellness, mental health symptoms, substance use, tobacco use, BMI, waist circumference, breath CO levels, cholesterol, and blood glucose. 
Funding is provided by the US Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (Grant ID#SM60850). The grant period is October 2012 through September 2016.
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