GLS Youth Suicide Prevention

The Oregon Caring Connections Initiative capitalizes on existing public/private partnerships to implement and sustain youth suicide prevention and early intervention strategies that reflect best practices and procedures.  The Initiative targets 468,809 youth aged 10-24, with special focus on at risk youth, which includes those that live in seven Oregon counties with a higher than national rate of youth suicide, military families, youth involved in the foster care and juvenile justice systems, Native American youth, Latino youth, and sexual minority youth.  

Project Components:

  • Gatekeeper Trainings for community members, schools and veterans organizations.
  • Clinical Trainings for Behavioral Health Clinicians.
  • Implementation of guidelines for continuity of care for youth discharged from emergency departments and inpatient psychiatric units, including improvements to county crisis response plans.
  • Promotion of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL)
  • Complete Implementation of the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention (NSSP) in Washington County. 
  • Evaluation. The PSU Regional Research Institute for Human Services will provide technical assistance, collect and analyze data, participate in the national cross site evaluation, develop quarterly reports for the grant management team, and annual evaluation reports for the funder beginning January 2015.